About Goélette International

Founded in 1997, Éditions Goélette quickly became the leader in puzzle series throughout French Canada, developing a catalog with a very specific purpose: provide diversified, affordable and high-quality books for all ages.

In 2003, Éditions Goélette created a youth division to expand their production with documentaries and self-help books. Then, in 2005, the publishing house started to develop do-it-yourself guides, dictionaries and cookbooks for an adult audience — maintaining its promise of affordable prices.

Éditions Goélette turned a new page in 2009 , publishing its first novels. It expanded its editorial mandate, which now includes the exciting mission to expose Canada’s heritage, history and authors through adult literature or early readers or picture books for young audiences.

At the same time, Éditions Goélette became known outside Canada’s borders with Goélette International, which promotes the books of Éditions Goélette, Pop, Coup d’œil et Les Malins.

Goélette International’s publications include game-books, novels, documentaries, a wide range of activity books, cookbooks and “Thought” books, such as Onde de calme, published in English and Dutch.

Goélette International, as a result, has quickly penetrated the marketplace through co-publishing and the selling of rights — with an exceptional ability to adapt to various international market constraints.

With a flexible, efficient team and affordable books, Goélette International has developed the expertise and creativity to meet the business needs of each partner country.